Monday, 25 November 2013



Welcome to our blog!! Get comfortable and have a look!

Do you want a colorful touch in your style?Do you want to be different?
You are in the right place(!)... yeaaah...ok maybe there are one or two more...maximum! ha ha! :-P

-Who are we?
Two friends (Penny and Christina) sharing the same passion for creation!
-Which materials are we using?
Leather, artificial leather for vegans, bronze, alpaca silver, aluminium, enamel, beads, textile and more!
-What do we do?
We bring to life our playful designs. They may be whole stories(!), figures, objects, abstract designs and in general whatever we might find interesting or just...funny!
-Where can you find more designs?
  •   In our Etsy shop: 
  •  On our Facebook page:
  •  In our pinterest (where we keep safely our made to order bags and shoes!):
Nice to be with you here! :-))))

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